Votive Candle Trio - Winter Collection


Frankincence, Amber & Cedarwood

Frankincense oil is extracted by steam distillation from oleo-gum resin. It is often used during meditation and mindfulness practices. It has a rich sweet incense-like, earthy, woody scent. An uplifting and warm aroma that may be stress relieving.


Belonging to the Lauraceae botanical family and native to parts of South Asia, this spicy sweet oriental scent is a warming tonic to the senses.

Juniper & Pine

Refreshing, purifying and reviving aroma with balsamic, woody and the potently fresh scent of a pine forest. A calming and grounding blend of essential oils.


An aromatherapy votive candle trio with pure essential oils. Natural soy blend candles in recycled glass. Vegan friendly ingredients and clean burning. Beautifully presented in a white box with Aromessence ribbon - the perfect gift for candle lovers!


Candle Burn Time: Approximately 25-30 hours


Size: 9cl

Votive Candle Trio - Winter Collection

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