Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

The gifts given to the baby Jesus by the three wise men. This festive aromatic perfume oil candle has a rich, sweet, incense-like, earthy and woody aroma.


Fragranced with aromatic perfume oils. A natural soy blend candle in a tin, fragranced with aromatic perfume oil. Vegan friendly and clean burning. Presented in a black box with Aromessence ribbon.

This candle can also be used to give a luxurious massage treatment. Can be used to give an indulgent foot, hand or sensual whole body massage treatment. Light our massage candle and allow to burn for 15 minutes and then pour into a separate vessel. Carefully dip your fingers into the warm liquid wax and rub into the skin. Our natural soy blend wax acts as a moisturiser that can be left on or washed off the skin. Heavenly.


Candle burn time: Approximately 50 hours


Size: 300ml

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

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