Lavender "The Essential" Oil


This week I'm going to talk about the amazing benefits of Lavender essential oil.

It has such calming, balancing and rejuvenating properties and if you are new to using essential oils I would definitely recommend starting with this one! With such a sweet, floral and herbaceous aroma, and its beautiful violet blue colour, this hugely beneficial oil is extracted from the flowering tops from the evergreen woody shrub.

With so many uses and its soothing, calming and supportive actions make it suitable for nearly all skin types and for everyday use. It can be used for so many things!  It is antibacterial, cleansing and clearing. Is excellent for treating wounds, fungal infections, burns and insect bites. It can be helpful for calming headaches, is great for stress, insomnia and restlessness.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils is through inhalation through either an oil burner or diffuserb, in my opinion, I personally use a diffuser for its simplicity. Just 6-8 drops added to water used in this way can really help if you suffer with insomnia and stress.

Lavender essential oil is also considered safe to use neat as a first aid treatment (and for children over the age of 12) to help with emergency issues like burns, wounds and insect bites! (just one drop applied topically). I was amazed after burning myself on the oven how it helped with the pain and the healing process. Or, why not try adding 5-6 drops to a bath (disperse in a suitable blending/carrier oil) for a relaxing evening wind-down soak and help your body prepare for sleep.

#ukaromessence stock Organic Lavender Fine AOP Essential Oil. The Red and Yellow logo on the label guarantees that this organic essential oil originates from the Haute Provence region of France, and is the only lavender recognised by the quality certification AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée - controlled designation of origin) or AOP (appellation d’origine protégée - protected designation of origin).

This logo is the approved stamp indicating the essential oil originates from the Haute Provence region of France.

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